Past Events

July Site Visit – Newfoundland Tower, Docklands

LCEC visited the Newfoundland Tower project at Canary Wharf on 20 July 2017.  The project is a 60 storey residential tower which will contain 636 apartments as well as residents’ amenity space and a public restaurant. The site sits in a prominent location at the western end of the Canary Wharf estate overlooking the River [...]

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July Event – Digital Technology and Innovation in Crossrail

Click here to view the Digital Technology and Innovation in Crossrail Event Flyer. The club’s July meeting was held at the Museum of London Docklands, our fourth different venue of the year and despite the rather mixed weather plus competition from Wimbledon, turnout was good. Our main speaker Malcolm Taylor, Head of Technical Information at [...]

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May Event – NHBC Foundation: Tomorrow’s New Homes

Click here to view the NHBC Foundation: Tomorrow's New Homes event flyer. Our guest speaker for the evening, Clive Turner, is a research manager for the NHBC Foundation.  The NHBC Foundation carry out research and provide guidance and good practice for the house building industry.  In recent times the NHBC Foundation have published research reports [...]

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January Event – Maximising Value in Facilities & Asset Management with BIM and Soft Landings

Click here to view the Maximising Value in Facilities & Asset Management with BIM and Soft Landings flyer. As is the norm, our first event of 2017 incorporated the Annual General Meeting.  Not wishing to delay the main focus of the evening, the official business was quickly disposed of without any issue, with all matters being accepted [...]

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December Event – Wine Tasting

Click here to view the event flyer. As in previous years, Julia Trustram-Eve pulled together an amazing selection of very reasonably priced sparkling, red and white wines for us to savour and test our palates. With a lively and at times raucous audience, Julia took us on a whirlwind tour of the wines she has selected from [...]

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November Event – Social Value: The Changing Landscape in Construction

Click here to view the Social Value: The Changing Landscape in Construction flyer. Whilst Social Value may be familiar to a few in the construction industry, there are many of us who have not seen the impact of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012. Our speaker Dr Michelle Brennan, whilst having originally graduated in psychology, has [...]

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