2015 Events

December Event – Wine Tasting

Click here to view the event flyer. Julia Trustram Eve, Marketing Director of English Wine Producers, gave another taste of different wines at the Festive LCEC event on 8th December.  This time, the focus was pairing wines with different cheeses, or (in the case of port) with chocolate. The quiz was much more low-key than in the past, and the judges awarded prizes for the [...]

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October Event – Lean Business

Click here to view the event flyer. This event was about the use of Lean principles in construction.  Graeme Shaw from Transport for London summarised how Lean has been used to improve the delivery of projects within TfL. Henry Loo from the University of Westminster gave a much broader presentation on how Lean has been beneficial to a wide range of construction projects. The conclusion was that [...]

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September Event – Procurement & Frameworks

Click here to view the event flyer. Keith Heard from Hampshire County Council and Alan Saunders from Sweett Group gave a joint presentation on procurement and frameworks.  Key advantages include reducing tender costs. But in HCC’s experience, effective frameworks require engagement with SMEs and a focus away from cost and onto MEAT (Most Economically Advantageous Tender).  This was supported by Sweett, with additional advice that frameworks should [...]

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July Site Visit – Land Securities Nova Development

Click here to view the site visit flyer. Thanks to Mace for organising this site visit to their NOVA redevelopment opposite Victoria station. We learned about the challenges of developing this site, including the topdown basement construction and the logistical constraints of an island site right next door to a busy rail terminus and bus station.  Not forgetting the engineering challenges of adjacent underground lines and a major sewer.

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July Event – RIBA Digital Tool for BIM

Click here to view the event flyer. As part of the Government’s BIM Level 2 mandate, an on-line tool has been developed by RIBA Enterprises/NBS under a government research contract.  Sarah Delany from NBS gave us an introduction to the tool, explaining how it helps project teams allocate and manage the delivery of information amongst project team members.  The tool also helps clients, project managers, design leaders [...]

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June Event – Smart Buildings and Smart Technology

Click here to view the event flyer. Richard Sherwood and Michelle Ch’Ng from NDY introduced this presentation on how smart technology is changing the built environment.  Buildings will need to be increasingly smart as more people live and work in cities, and as energy pressures become more extreme. There are also estimated to be 75 billion connected devices through the Internet of Things by 2020! Key success factors for [...]

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May Event – Has the Government Construction Strategy Delivered?: The Government Trial Projects

Click here to view the event flyer. Rob Garvey of University of Westminster led an interactive session around the 2011 Government Construction Strategy.  Live polling at the start and end of the presentation gave the views of the audience. Rob explained the plethora of government reports that have emerged over recent (and not so recent) years, highlighting areas of improvement for [...]

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April Event – Beyond the Code for Sustainable Homes

Click here to view the event flyer. Andy von Bradsky from PRP gave an excellent presentation on this history of the Code for Sustainable homes up to its removal from the government mandate on 27 March 2015 just before the administration was dissolved.  The Code itself now only applies to legacy projects. Andy gave a graphic illustration of the contradictory [...]

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