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  • 11 Sep 2019 20:47 | Adrian Dawson (Administrator)

    Converged Networks: The Future of Intelligent Buildings

    10 SEP 2019 - ALUK Studio

    Thank you Barry for sharing your interesting and informative presentation with us:


    Barry Shambrook      Partner – GIA Building Consultancy

    Is an intelligent building “smart”? Or is a smart building intelligent? Can a comparison be made between buildings and the human body? If so, do buildings need a central nervous system to maximise functionality and efficiency?

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  • 12 Jun 2019 17:06 | Adrian Dawson (Administrator)

    In search of construction improvement - where did it all go wrong?

    11 JUN 2019 - ALUK Studio

    Thank you Stuart for sharing your interesting and informative presentation with us:


    Stuart Green, Professor of Construction Management, University of Reading

    This presentation will argue that the origins of current concerns about the construction industry can be traced back through the last four decades of 'industry improvement'. We now have an industry that is lean to the point of anorexia, because of total reliance on market mechanisms and the sector's strategic model of structural flexibility. The collapse of Carillion has exposed the industry's operating model to public scrutiny.

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  • 6 Jun 2019 12:01 | Adrian Dawson (Administrator)

    05 JUN 2019 - Wembley W06

    A big 'thank you' to Michael Butcher and the team at McLaren Construction, for an invigorating introduction to their Wembley W06 contract, a high-spec private rental sector project, this evening. Thanks also to CIOB London Hub for organising the site visit:

  • 23 May 2019 16:25 | Adrian Dawson (Administrator)

    22 MAY 2019 - Crossrail Woolwich

  • 16 May 2019 11:11 | Adrian Dawson (Administrator)

    14 MAY 2019 - ALUK Studio

    Thank you James for sharing your interesting and informative presentation with us:


    James Traynor, Managing Director, ECD Architects

    Wilmcote House is the  largest project in the UK targeting the Passivhaus EnerPHit standard. The regeneration of Wilmcote House addressed resident issues of fuel poverty by reducing energy bills from up to £2,000 to nearer £200 per year. This has dramatically reduced Carbon Emissions and improved the quality of life for residents.

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  • 13 Mar 2019 14:17 | Adrian Dawson (Administrator)

    12 MAR 2019 - ALUK Studio

    Thank yoMark for sharing your interesting and informative presentation with us, please click image below to see PDF:


    Mark Enzer, Chief Technical Officer, Mott MacDonald and member of the Project 13 Executive Group

    Organisations from all levels of the supply chain agree that the infrastructure sector’s current operating model is broken. Too often projects are delivered over budget, past deadline and below par. Project 13 aims to change this. Project 13 is an industry-led movement that seeks to develop a new operating model – based on an enterprise, not on traditional transactional arrangements – to boost certainty and productivity in delivery, improve whole life outcomes in operation and support a more sustainable, innovative, highly skilled industry.

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